Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Landed III- Learning English

When you arrive, you might want to improve your English skills, or let me make it this way: it’s VERY important to improve your English if it’s your second language; because if you can communicate easily in English, it will be your KEY to find work and settle in Ontario.

One of the most well-known ESL programs is called “Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)” is a free English program for new immigrants to Canada.

In LINC classes you will not only learn English language and Business English, you will also learn a lot about Canadian Culture, Life, and workplace culture.

To get into the LINC program in Ontario, you must be:

  • A Permanent Resident (“landed immigrant”) of Canada or Convention Refugee
  • Or a newcomer who is allowed to remain in Canada, to whom Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) plans to give permanent resident status, and who is not yet a Canadian citizen
  • and
  • 18 years old or older
  • Tested at a Language Assessment Centre.

Some LINC classes have childcare services, which is very important and helpful for parents.

LINC classes are offered across Ontario at:

  • Schools
  • Community colleges
  • Settlement agencies
  • Community organizations

Registering for LINC:

To register for LINC classes, you must go to a LINC Assessment Centre. The LINC Assessment Centre will test your language level and help you register with a LINC school.

Staff at the centre will test your listening, speaking, reading and writing. The test takes 1-3 hours. The higher your language level, the longer the test takes.

The centre will help you register for the right class. Call a settlement agency or a Community Information Centre and ask where the nearest LINC Assessment Centre is. You must call the Assessment Centre to make an appointment for the test.

You can find contact information for these organizations at

Enhanced Language Training with Co-op Placement

If you have Advanced English Skills at Level 6 or higher, and basic computer skills (MS Word, Internet & Email); then you will be eligible for this great kind of course, here is the details:

Free 12-Week In-Class(9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Monday - Friday):

  • Develop occupation-specific language and industry-terminology
  • Improve skills in business writing
  • Become familiar with Canadian workplace culture and business ethics
  • Learn workers’ rights and employment standards
  • Gain knowledge of job search techniques and more!
  • Use of PCs with MS Office & Internet for online job search and Email applications
  • Electronic resume formats, cold calling, networking, interview skills
  • Business correspondence and letter formats or layouts
  • Online research/Computerized ESL learning
  • Access government and private sector services and resources

With 8-Week Co-op Placement:

  • Gain Canadian Experience
  • Build professional network
  • Practice in your own or related field
  • Obtain Canadian references
  • Meet new people

Other English Training:

You can also get more advanced training in English at:

  • Universities
  • Community colleges
  • Private language schools
  • Community organizations
Contact these schools and organizations directly for information about courses and fees. Some courses are free. But you must pay for many courses, and some can be expensive.


Unknown said...

Hi Nabil

That is really commendable.

I do not mean to tell you what to do next, and surely enough what I am going to request from you, must already be on your mind.

1. Child Care: Please do tell about child care options, costs involved, and how can we minimise these costs and still be assured that the child is in good hands.

2. Back to Basics: It's about going back to school. can you please elaborate when does a PR become eligible for student loans, OR line of credit. I mean, how many months after landing? How much credit history is required to be eligible to get loans? Any collateral needed for say 40k dollars worth of amount? Any co-borrower is required?


Prashant Dhiman

Anonymous said...

Nabil... great news... If I go to Canada, going back to school is high on my list... the free 12 weeks course that you mentions sounds great!

I am not sure if I will be able to do it or not but what about French? Are there free French courses such as Free English one you mentioned available as well?

Thanks so very much!

Anonymous said...

Hi,its me sushma, newly landed immigrants at ontario,i am with my family and we are searching job, by reading your experience i feel very husband was lecturer in finance and his english level is 6, so if there is any job related to him please send me mail.

Anonymous said...

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