Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Health - Medical Emergencies

For serious medical emergencies, phone 911. If you or somebody in your family suddenly feels very sick (has severe pain, is unconscious, cannot breathe, is bleeding a lot, has a seizure or has a serious accident), call 911. (make sure that your phone plan support 911 call, some plans doesn't unless you pay a monthly fee! like Rogers).

If you do not speak English, just say "Help!" and tell the operator the language you speak. They will get an interpreter who speaks your language. The ambulance, police and fire department will all come to help.

Be ready to provide the following information on the phone:
  1. A description of what is happening
  2. Where you are
  3. Your name, address and telephone number

Stay on the phone until the operator tells you to hang up.
If you go to the nearest hospital in an emergency, go to the Emergency Department or Emergency Room (ER). The ER is often very busy. Unless your life is in danger, it may be several hours before a doctor can see you.

If you do not have OHIP or private health insurance, the hospital will send you a bill for the ambulance transport and any other medical services you needed.


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