Monday, June 23, 2008

Preparing your Landing III - What to take with you

You can bring everything you think you'll need.

If you cannot bring with you all the things that you own and would like to bring along, Canada allows you to bring in such items duty free at a later date (10 years period after "Landing").

It is important to know that at the time of "Landing" you will need to provide a complete list of all such items; if you failed to provide this list at the TIME of landing then you will lose this opportunity (as happened with me ... as nobody mentioned this to me).

The list should provide detailed descriptions as well as Model Numbers and Serial Numbers of items if they have such numbers. Bring two copies of this list of "Goods to Follow". Canada Customs will stamp one copy when you "Land" and give it to you. (They will keep the other copy.)

When you ship the "Goods to Follow", the stamped copy must accompany the shipment for duty free entry.

The question now is: is it cost effective to bring all your stuff with you? well, it depends on where are you coming from. you have to calculate the shipping cost and compare it with how much the new furniture and stuff would cost in Canada minus the selling price of your used stuff.

However, there are things that you can not (or at least not recommended) to bring with you. Here in Canada, apartments come with 3 appliances (Fridge, Oven, and there is centralized washing machines and driers), so don't bring yours. Also in most cases there are closets in the walls, so don't bring closets.

On the other hand, away from BIG furniture pieces that cost a lot to ship, I encourage you to bring with you all the portable tools like: kitchen tools, plates, pans, books, stationary, kids toys, etc... and don't think like "I will buy new when I arrive" because you will be very busy adapting and settling and it's not as easy as your country to buy anything you want because you will be new to Canada at the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nabil, first of all... thank you for taking the time to do such a great job... posting all this useful information will be a big help for others.

I just wanted to ask you... do they have like discount stores such as dollar Stores in Canada?

I ask because if we get the chance to move to Canada, we thought of not bringing the very few things we have which are probably not worth the trouble and start from zero...

I lived in the US before and I know they have stores such as Good Will and the Salvation Army Stores where you can get used things for a lot less than at a regular store... or the Dollar Stores for small items like kitchen utensils and such...

I just don't see me carrying my spatulas and pans to start over in Canada... sending a container over must be expensive and the amount of weight in your luggage these days is around 30 KG... not much really...

Thank you for your help... and Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are dollar stores, discount stores/outlets, and thrift stores (Salvation Army and otherwise) in Canada.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nabil,
This sure is very useful! What sort of electrical appliances are used in Canada - is it as in the UK (220 Volts) or the US (110 Volts)?

This will be important for such small appliances as blenders / juicers, irons, food mixers, hair driers etc that I wouldn't like to buy all over again.

Unknown said...

Hi Margie,

Thanks for your comment.

Actually it's as the states (110 Volts).

So act accordingly :)

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

Hi Nabil, Thanks for the great job. Ur post is so useful. I am currently living in UAE Dubai. Do i need to mention things like spoons, plates etc in my 'Things to follow list'?

Unknown said...

Thanks for so much of information Nabil. Your time and goodwill is really appreciated.

I have a LCD which I bought recently in India and now am planning to migrate to Canada. Would you think it is advisable to get it or not? Pls let me know.

Thanks in advance.
Appreciate your help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am curious that we need to mention clothes and small house hold items too, in the list to follow list?

Unknown said...

Hello nabil and any thanks for your efforts on this blog. Can you post a "buying a car" thread please? from what kind upon landing to upgrading and when. thanks again!

Unknown said...

Sure Beemah ... I will add this to my list :)

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