Thursday, April 26, 2012

Leather Bags and Backpacks?

Hey everyone ... I'm sure you're wondering what this blog has to do with leather bags , leather backpacks , and Leather Rucksack... well,  this is the interesting part :)

Now after I've been in Canada for 5+ years ... and I'm settled with stable job and good network, I decided to start a new venture in my journey.

So I've launched an online store where I sell Handmade cool stylish leather bags and backpacks ... and I called it I import the bags from handmade leather workshops in Spain and I sell them here in North America (Canada and USA), it's a huge market!

I'm sharing this with you for few reasons:

  1. To bring to your attention that Canada is FULL of opportunities ... if you got creative ... other than employment.
  2. When you first come to Canada and you have some experience in some niche start leverage this experience while doing your job search ... you may end up making more money than employment.
  3. and finally to get your feedback on the site :) so please leave your comments below ... your opinion is so helpful :)
Thanks guys ... wish me luck in my new venture!

[Update] mochilas de cuero is a leather backpack in Spanish. It turned out there is a big market in Spain.

[Update April 8, 2013]

For those who are interested in establishing an online story, here is a list of to do:

It’s actually pretty simple to do all the setup in Canada. You need the following steps:

  1. Establish a corporation. Not mandatory though but there is huge tax advantages here. You can do that online or through an accountant, it would cost you around $600 including all the fees.
  2. Once you have a business number, you need to call CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and get an import/export number. This process is spontaneous, you get your number over the phone and it allows you to get lower customs fees and taxes
  3. You would want to sign a agreement with shipping companies to get 15% off of CanadaPost and up to 40% off of UPS. 
  4. You need to get your inventory, take good photos
  5. Implement an online store, which I can help you with. And start upload your products.
  6. There are so many tips on how you can get visibility in search engines and exposure in the online space. This is something I’m consulting on so I can help you with that.
Please let me know if you have any other questions. 


Imran Sikander said...

Good Luck! I wish you all the success in your new venture :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Imran :) much appreciated.

Russ Weninger said...

Wow, that's awesome!!!

It's a nice experience, right? Keep up the good work!

I guess it's a great idea to learn new things, maybe just a hobby first then use it for part time income!

what do you think!?:-)

Belle said...


What are the Customs/Duties of imported handbags into Canada? Also Where do you store your handbags, in the US or Canada or is it dropshipped?

Did you have to get an import/export number?
What fees did you need to incur when you started? -Customs broker fees?, etc?

Looking forward to your feedback

Unknown said...

I have a registered corporation to start with, and I got an export/import number from CRA. That allowed me to lower my import customs fees from 12% to 5%.

You will also need to pay 13% taxes in Ontario.

I have partnered with UPS to get me the import shipments to Canada and do all the customs work for me for a very small fees.

Are you considering this business?


Chiani said...

Hi - I am emigrating to Quebec very soon. I have a lot of expertise in Italian leather and am planning to set up a website to sell artisan leather goods imported from Europe(ladies handbags, men's bags, small leather goods such as belts and wallets, etc.) in Canada and the USA. The business will be registered in Montreal. I was very interested to see that you are also selling European leather online. I'm looking for someone to give me some useful tips running a leather business in Canada !

Chiani said...

Hi Nabil - I was wondering if I could contact you about a leather goods business I am setting up in Quebec. My family and I are moving to Quebec soon (under the Skilled Worker scheme). Our Federal visa has been approved, we are hoping to be in Canada by September ! Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Chiani - You absolutely can, send me an email at nabil (at) orfali (dot) info.

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