Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Job Search – Resume Writing

The hiring process in Canada goes like this:

A Company has a vacancy --> they advertise it directly or though an employment agency --> job seekers apply for the position.

Now, it's very important to know that if your cover letter is good it leads the HR person to read your resume; and the HR person reads not more than 15-30 seconds of the resume, then he's either attracted to it or the resume will go to the garbage!

So how to write an effective resume? (I will start with Resume` and get back to Cover Letter later):

  1. Don't make it long, it should not exceed 2 pages as maximum
  2. Focus on your achievements, things that you did for your employers that were outstanding; like: increasing sales by 40%, increasing productivity by 20%, building a unique productive team, delivered a complicated project and exceeded client's expectation, thank you letters etc....
    Those are the things that the hiring manager is looking for, do not write just another job description and responsibilities that you were doing !
  3. Use the following resume` structure (as suggestion):
    • Professional Profile: in 2-3 lines, describe why you are unique and what are you very good at
    • Summary of Skills: in bullets, list the things that you are skilled at
    • Education: start with the latest and don't forget to include professional certifications
    • Professional Experience: here you list all companies you worked for (latest first) and talk about your achievements as stated above.
  4. Check my resume` online for example:
  5. Check your resume` from any spelling or formatting mistakes! any grammar or spelling mistake can lead your resume` to the trash. It's true ... because if you can't write well in your resume` where you're presenting yourself, then you would never be able to write well at your day to day activities.
  6. Don't include date of birth, companies locations, marital status, gender ... all these information are private and the employer is not allowed to ask about in the interview. This is to protect the candidates from being discriminated against.
  7. Write your address and contact information clearly at the top of every page.
following the above advices would defiantly help you market yourself and stand in the crowed :)

Stay tuned for new Job Search posts.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...


U have put in so much effort in ur blog its amazing. All I want to say, is may God bless u for the effort, for helping other people.

I will definitely keep checking ur blog for further information once I get my PR and would recommend it to others as well.

thanks so much. Great job. Keep it up!

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