Friday, August 07, 2009

Job Search - Networking

Hi guys, I'm back to continue sharing with you my experience in finding a job in Canada.

Actually, networking is proven to be the BEST and most effective way in finding a job. You would be surprised to know that my very first job in Canada, which I got it 80 days after landing, was through networking. Here is the full story:

I logged in to Facebook and searched for all Project Managers in Toronto, then I added them with a gentle nice small message reads "Hi there, as I'm a project manager as well and we share the same profession, I thought it would be nice to connect to talk about that... I look forward to hearing from you" etc .. (you can choose your own words for sure, but you got it).
So for sure not all of them would reply, but eventuality some will accept you as a friend and reply to you. Then what I did is looked into one's company name and logged into the company website, and noticed that they need a project manager .. Yuppiiiiiie. So I contacted that person and he gladly offered to pass my resume to the HR department, he actually did that and referred me with a good recommendation! Then guess what? the next week I got an interview and got hired in three days after that! Isn't that awesome guys?

So bottom line ... facebook is only ONE of the tools that you can use, here are some other techniques:

1- Create a profile in, which is it's a business networking site (for those who don't know, and try to expand your network as much as you can. I'm still getting calls from recruiters who found my profile in LinkedIn!

2- Use facebook and all other social networking sites

3- Technology is good, but still real life is best! try to to meet people as much as you can, in the bus, the subway station, social events, and everywhere possible. they might be in the same field .. then tell them about your experience, who knows they might have some vacancy or they might know someone who can help you.

4- ALWAYS Leave people you meet with a business card. I know you don't have a company business card, but you need ot print some personal business card with your name, what you do (Project Manager, Programmer etc ..), top three strengths (C#, Web 2.0, Enterprise Application) and contact info. You can print these business card for FREE through this website: VistaPrint

5- Use MeetUp website: to find people with your interest and meet up with them in real life. (Don't forget to give them your Business Card)

With these above techniques you will find a job much faster ... and settle in Canada much easier.

Hope that helps ... leave me a comment below with questions or anything you would like to add.



Dionne. said...

Thanks. Your blog is a great source of information for new immigrants. Keep up the good works. God bless you.

sowmya2504 said...

thanks much for this info....

Anonymous said...

thanks, your blog is so informative ,god bless you abundantly...i just cant beleive so much info is for free.

krish said...

Good post. Thanks!

Paramount37 said...

I am so impressed!I think that you are a BIG Blessing to everybody...I believe that your going to be more successful in the future!GO!GO!GO!

Unknown said...

Hello, your site is great. I really need some advice i want to study and work same time in canada. But i dnt knw whom to turn to i really hope u can advice me.
Hope you will reply to me, my email is


Anastasia Chan said...

Thks ur comment so helpful.

nesi said...

Thank you so much, I just can't stop reading your blog, I even printed some pages! I'm so glad you've had such luck, you surely deserve it! Keep up like that, please...

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Many thanks for your heads up on your approach to getting a Project Management job. I to am a Project Manager and will be looking for work in this field in Toronto, I alos believe in networking.

I start right here and netwrk with yourself. Do you know of any PM positions within your organisation.


Phil (

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