Monday, August 04, 2008

Health - Medication or Prescription

Unfortunately, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover drug prescriptions.

If your doctor gives you a prescription for medicine, you must take it to a pharmacist. Pharmacists are health care professionals who can give you the medication that your doctor prescribes. They work in drug stores or in pharmacies in larger stores, hospitals and community health centres

• Check that the dosage, the amount of medicine, of your prescription is correct.

• Tell you about possible side effects.

• Check for reactions with other medicines you are taking.

• Explain how to take the medication.

• Answer any questions you may have about your medication.

Drug prescriptions can be very expensive. Pharmacies usually charge you a dispensing fee. A dispensing fee is for preparing drug products. Ontario pharmacies charge dispensing fees ranging from $1.99 to $16.95. The pharmacist adds this fee to the cost of the medication.

However, if you get a job in a good company they will give you an extended health insurance that covers almost everything OIHP does't cover. Good luck:)


Anonymous said...

Excellent website with very useful information for people planning / in the process of immigration to Canada.

Please can you advise about usual off the shelf medicines including anti-biotics etc. Are these covered under the free health care when visiting a health center as part of free madicare or not. Many thanks.

Unknown said...

I live in Dubai - and plan to move to Toronto in March. In the interim - I amtravelling to India.

Does it make sense to stock up on medicine. Since they seem to be expensive in Canada.


Unknown said...

Hi Reid - I don't think they allow you to bring over medications other than the personal use!

JK said...

Can we bring prescribed medicines in Canada when we first land? If yes, what quantity will they allow?

JK said...

Can we bring prescribed medicines in Canada? If yes, what quantity is allowed?

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