Monday, January 12, 2009

Job Search – Introduction

Hi everybody ... now I got back to share with you a very important experience about Job Search in Canada.

Job Search in Canada is not as easy as it seems, I'm sure everybody heard about how hard is to find a job in Canada. Indeed it's different from industry to industry, for me as IT Project Manager, the IT industry is good in Canada and there are lots of opportunity, however the competition is tough.

Because I have a very good experience in job search, resume writing , and interview skills; I could find a job in my profession after 2 months and 20 days of landing! That was a blessing from God actually.

So I will start sharing with you guys Job Search skills so that would help you plan your life in Canada.

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Ann said...

I've been searching on behalf of my husband (with his consent of course) for Computer Technicians in Canada. Of course a tough market to try to enter from abroad. In your opinion would you say it is impossible to find a position BEFORE moving over?

Unknown said...

Hi Ann,

I believe from my experience it's almost impossible to find a job BEFORE coming to Canada. It's tough while you are in Canada! The competition is tough however the IT market is still healthy and there is demand.

Check this website, it's #1 job site in Canada:

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I have worked with many clients based overseas who have secured new positions in Canada without applying for the "Landed Immigrant Status".

The companies have initiated sponsorship, so don't give up! A study of the career shift across Canada provides very interesting information. We are on the cusp of a severe skill shortage and need to bring in people with many skills from blue collar through to the highest management levels.

Only 10% of jobs are advertised in Canada, the lowest percentile of any country, you need to hunt for jobs using various databases and market yourself directly to the decision maker at the company. It works!

I immigrated to Canada 20 years ago and never regret my decision for one minute.

All the best in your job search.

Anonymous said...

Great job, very helpful, may god bless you.
How about a podcast now?


Rajesh said...


I am rajesh from India, and working as IT professional for more that 4.5 Yrs. Planned to apply PR from India and would like to know how can i appy for Jobs there in Canada or any other suggestion would be gr8ly appreciatable.


praveen pc said...

Hi Nabil,

Thanks very much for the valuable information. I am an IT professional with aroung 10 years experience in Telecom domain on project management and testing.

I have finished my PMP and planning to do the ITIL now. Since I am expecting to land in Toronto in another 4 months with the PR, can you please tell me the significance of ITIL to my profile; is it really worth to do it and my chances of landing into a IT job in the telecom industry.


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