Friday, January 16, 2009

Job Search – Job Market 2009

Hello guys ... everybody knows about the global economy crisis everywhere ... specially in the Auto industry.

In Ontario alone over 70,000 jobs lost just in November; but most of them from the Auto sector when factories are closed.

But in general in Canada things are much better than other countries ... banks are stable, highly regulated, and strong; and the government is trying to stimulate the economy.

In a survey made by CBCNews called Money Mood Meter:

How are you feeling about the latest economic circumstances?

Here are December results:

  • I'm extremely worried, this is a complete disaster for my lifestyle and financial outlook. (2,806) 18%
  • Things are pretty bad, I'm reining in my spending and hanging on to my cash. (3,270) 21%
  • I'm somewhat worried, but not enough to drastically change my spending and investments. (3,746) 24%
  • I'm pretty confident this is a small economic speed bump (and crisis can also mean opportunity!). (3,434) 22%
  • Woo hoo! The worst is over and things will soon be back to normal. (2,409) 15%

Anyway here is a joke about how the Job Market would be in 2009 ... watch this video:

Don't take it seriously ... just kidding ;)


ConorM said...

lol, very funny:)

good too know (about canadians perspective).

Great blog, keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Great job Nabil. Keep up the good work.
If any one interested in knowing the wages in Canada Labour Market Information is great source.

Unknown said...

Thanks Wael for your contribution, that site would be good help :)


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