Monday, March 30, 2009

International Student in Canada - Money and Housing

Money and housing matters:
What is the average of annual outlays or spending?
Probably around 9000 (+) Canadian dollars for a decent and happy student life.
How much money does one need to spend monthly?
Divide above by 12....

How much, on average, does the housing cost?
600 - 800 $ per month.

What is the form of apartment's lease in Canada – i.e. What are the rules of apartments renting
You lease the apartment for 1 year, pay the rent of the first and last month in advance, and then pay monthly.

Is it easy to find a flat or an apartment to live in?

Yes. Using the internet and postings at universities. A lot of factors to consider: dorms, basements, living with room mates, living with a family, renting an apartment, low-rise, distance from university,....

Will we be allowed to work off campus? If so, is it easy to have a job related to (or concerned with) our field of study (CS) based solely on our Damascus University graduation certificate?

International students have more restrictions on working in general. After spending 6 months as a student at the university in Canada, they could apply for an off-campus work permit to allow them working part-time and full-time in vacations / summer. Finding a job in the field of studies can be sometimes difficult.

Are there any scholarships for studying in Canada that are accessible to the international students and what their perquisites?

This requires a further research and extra efforts by the student.

At the end any advice you give us would be appreciated

Apply to as many universities as you can.


Unknown said...

Hi Mahar!

How many Universities did you apply to before being accepted at Ryerson?
And how many letters of recommendation did you need?

mahhoor said...


6 universities (including Ryerson).
2 letters for every application.


Anonymous said...

excellent blog I must have put forward some essential facts that are so required by students when they the effort

Antony said...

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hockeyluver said...


What if your school isn't a university but a Culinary Institute? And what if you've already tried to find apartments in the price range you gave but were unsuccessful?

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