Friday, July 18, 2008

Transportation - Taxi - Rent a Car

If your area does not have public transit or you need to go somewhere quickly, you can take a taxi (they call a cab in Canada). You can call a taxi company and ask for a taxi to come to the address you provide. You can even call ahead of time and ask for a taxi to come to get you at a specific time.

You can also hail a taxi on busy downtown streets. Stand on the sidewalk and hold your hand high to wave at a taxi that has no passengers in it. Getting a taxi on the street is not easy in every city. Only a car with a lighted roof sign can pick you up.

The price for a taxi ride appears on a meter in the front beside the driver. The meter will display a minimum charge when you get in the car. You can ask the driver to estimate how much the trip will cost before you get in the car. Cab drivers usually accept cash or Credit Cards but they don't accept Debit Cards.

Anyway, try to avoid using a Taxi because it's damn expensive, when you first get in the taxi the minimum charges are around $3.5, and to travel like 15 km you will end up paying something around $24!! so be careful. Sometimes it's cheaper to rent a car if you have many travelings and you can find an efficient transit.


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