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International Student in Canada - Admission requirements

Admission requirements:
1. What are the examinations that we should take in order to meet the requirements for application? And how do we prepare for them?

It depends on the universities, sometimes TOEFL is enough but some require GRE. Preparation could be course-led or self-study using books and tapes.

Does the work experience enhance our chance at getting admitted? And how important is this factor in your opinion?

It all depends on what you want to study. If going for an MBA, or specialized programs (like masters and other graduate degrees) then University usually ask for at least 1 or 2 years of relevant work experience. Other than that, work experience isn't important.

3. When is the right time to start contacting universities?

Starting from October 1 year before the admission to make sure all the required documents are prepared and submitted ahead of time.

What kind of problems did you face because of the differences between studying methods in your home country and Canada?

You cannot really call them problems rather challenges
- having to deal with teachers and most students in English
- adapting to a new environment of assignments and labs
- relying more on research and reading papers
- focusing more extensively on self-study and team work
- marking system is different completely.

5. What are the most important subjects to focus on? And what references do you recommend?

This totally depends on the student's interests. if student likes programming then he has to focus on learning programming languages and software development. if he likes Networking he should focus on Cisco books and certificates....etc....



pg05 said...

Hi Maher!

I'm studying Telecommunication Engineering at undergraduate level in Europe. Though my grades aren't exactly brilliant at the moment, I hope I can make it to Canada after obtaning the BEng from my current University. I'd like to continue studying in this same field but would like a more practical approach to the subject so that I can easily get a job and mature some Canadian Work Experience.

I have some questions for you:
1) How many universities did you apply to before being accepted at Ryerson?
2) For each application, did you have to ask different professors for a letter of recommendation in your country of origin, or is it fine to ask the same professor to write multiple recommendation letters for the various applications?
3)I'd like to apply to BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology). Is it worth the try? What's its reputation? Does it facilitate entry in the job market?
4)Surfing the Internet I've gathered (perhaps wrong) information that western Canadian post-secondary institution are somewhat renowned for the technical preparation they give you. Is that true? What's your opinion regarding this matter?

mahhoor said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your questions.
Since you're pursuing a B.Eng. at your current university then I assume that the most relevant continuation in your education would be an M.Eng but professional diplomas from technical colleges might help too.

1) I've applied to 5 universities (beside Ryerson). I've submitted all the applications around the same time.

2) You can definitely use the same recommendation letters from the professor (probably have your professor make you multiple copies of the letter since they will ask for originals) but for some universities, there is also a standard reference/evaluation form - found on their website - that professors usually fills. So both the letter and the form can be attached in the application package. They usually ask for 2 different recommendation letters.

3) BCIT doesn't seem to be that academic rather it is like a technical college. They don't have graduate programs for Masters. But their "Applied Network Administration and Design" program seems like a practical and rich one since they'll be focusing on preparing the student for a strong technical background and skills according to the content of the courses. It might help finding a job as long as the resume seems pleasant to the employer!

4) I am not pretty sure about that assumption you made regarding technical schools of the West. I think there are many of them in all Canada in general and they all offer up-to-date technical courses and labs which prepares students developing their careers and obtaining renowned professional certificates (Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel...etc..)

Hope this will help
Good luck!


pg05 said...

Hi again!

For the past week I've been looking up the CIC web pages for information regarding the Candian Experience Class immigration option.
What does the CIC mean when it says that one needs "a full-time Canadian post-secondary educational program of at least two years" + 1 year full time work experience before applying for permanent residence card? Here's my problem: I probably won't be able to meet the Admission Requirements most Universities ask for Graduate Studies so I was thinking of applying for undergraduate level studies and starting over again even if I'd be having a foreign university degree in that moment (still have to earn the degree). I'd really appreciate your opinion on this. What would you do in my place? Did you apply for graduate or undergraduate studies from outside Canada?

pg05 said...

Hi mahhoor,
guess you're busy. Just wanted to know, did you apply for undergraduate studies (say a Bachelor's degree) or did you apply for graduate studies (like a Master)? And did you apply from outside Canada or after landing and settling down?

Anonymous said...

I really do appreciate the the question answer pattern you selected for the article.very appropriate style.but I would prefer more specific information on student immigration

Anonymous said...

I'm studying medicine in Italy and I would like to come to Canada and study there. What are the options? What do I need? Do I heve to do assessment exams? I'd like to study at the Queen's University, in Kingston, ON. Any advice?
Thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...

i want to do my MS in Canada.My only concern is i did not graduate with a first class during my Engg in India. Do you think i could still get into a good school even though i do not have a first Class

KESHAV said...

thanks a lot for the info

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