Monday, July 28, 2008

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Find a Dentist service:

Use the Find a Dentist service of the Ontario Dental
Association to find a dentist in your area. To find a dentist anywhere in Ontario, except for Toronto, call 416-922-3900. There will be a cost if this is a long distance call for you.

To find a dentist in Toronto, call the Toronto Academy of Dentistry at 416-967-5649.

Yellow Pages: You can also look in the Yellow Pages of your local telephone book under “Dentists.”

Dental clinic programs

Some universities and colleges have dental clinic programs for the community.

Trained dentists supervise the dental students who provide the service. The service is not free, but it costs less than going to a dentist.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not pay for most dental services.
OHIP will pay only if the patient’s life is in danger and if hospital treatment is required.

In most cities in Ontario, the local Community or Public Health Department offers some free dental services. However, these services are only available to some people, such as eligible seniors and children. Contact your local Community or Public Health Department to learn what services are available in your community.


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