Monday, July 28, 2008

Health - Applying For OHIP

I believe everybody needs to know more about HEALTH in Canada, most of you heard that HEALTH system in Canada is the best. Well that could be true on terms of quality but it's NOT true in terms of Capacity!

However, let me start by the basic information about OHIP and then I will more elaborate as we go.

Your Health Card

OHIP stands for Ontario Health Insurance Plan. It pays for most basic and emergency health care services. So what OHIP does not cover are: the cost of medication, dental services, and vision care.

Health care service providers, like doctors, hospitals and walk-in clinics, will check your Health Card (OHIP card) each time you visit. It is important to always carry your Health Card so you can receive medical help in an emergency.

Anyway, you CANNOT get an OHIP card until after you have lived in Ontario for 3 months. You can still apply for a Health Card as soon as you can show that you already live in Ontario, however, you will not receive your card before the 3-month waiting period.

To apply, you must go to an OHIP office. Call the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and ask where the nearest office is. The phone number is 1-800-268-1153, which is a free call from anywhere in Ontario, or 416-327-4327 if you are calling from Toronto or Mississauga or the GTA. You can also find a list of office locations at Health Card Services - OHIP Offices.

When you go to the OHIP office, you must complete an application form. You must also provide original documents that prove your immigration status and that you live in Ontario (rental agreement is usually used and accepted). If you have children 15 1/2 years old or older, they must go with you to the office. The staff at the OHIP office will take their picture for their card.
If your application is complete, OHIP will mail the card to you when you are eligible for coverage.

You can buy health insurance from a private company right away, so you can have health care during the 3-month waiting period. Contact the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Ombud Service (CLHIO) for information about insurance companies - 1-800-268-8099, which is a free call from anywhere in Ontario.

If you got a job, most companies (respectful ones) provide the extended health insurance which covers probably everything OHIP don't cover, for sure depends on the plan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nabil, do you know any insurance company to use before the OHIP card is ready? I know that the OHIP takes 3 months to be received. Thanks a lot!!

Aqm74 said...

Hi Nabil,
I understand that the Health card arrives 3 months after applying. But Ontario Health department also requires that a person must be a resident for 153 days in the first 180 days to be eligible for health care, and I think this applies to landed immigrants also. Does this mean that even after receiving the card, one has to wait for health services until 153 days have passed?

I hope my question is clear.

Unknown said...

Yes, that's correct. You might receive the card and not able to use it until the the 153 days pass.


Anonymous said...

what if you had a healthcard b4 and you lost it?when you apply again, do you still have to wait 3 months to get the healthcard...i need to apply for my passport,but i need my health card number and etc in one of the identity requirements...please let me know if you can..thanks

Unknown said...

No you don't need to wait again ... just apply for a new card and you will get it.


Anonymous said...

I am a canadien citizen... my health card expires in october,i am leaving canada in august..i want to know can i get it renewed before i leave and how??

Unknown said...

I am planning to land in Toronto, Canada and I will get my OHIP after 3 months. Should I cover my health insurance during the first 3 months? How much cost it takes?

With thanks.

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