Friday, January 30, 2009

Foreign Credential Recognition (2009 Federal Budget)

Hey guys ... I want to share with you a good news for skilled immigrants and newcomers, regarding "Foreign Credential Recognition".

2009 Federal Budget is recently announced by Stephen Harper (the Prime Minister of Canada), and it includes this section about "Foreign Credential Recognition":

"As part of encouraging a competitive and prosperous Canadian economy, the Government has introduced a number of measures to help modernize the immigration system and attract the best and the brightest from around the world. Many newcomers, however, continue to have difficulty finding work that best suits their education and qualifications in part because their credentials are not always fully recognized in Canada. Achieving Canada’s economic potential requires that immigrants and newcomers have the opportunity to use their skills and talents to the fullest.

With the support of the Foreign Credential Referral Office and the Foreign Credential Recognition Program, real progress is being made in addressing barriers to foreign credential recognition in Canada. At their January 16 meeting, First Ministers and Territorial Leaders agreed to take concerted action to provide timely assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications. They asked labour ministers to develop a common framework by September 2009.

Budget 2009 provides $50 million over the next two years to support this work. This additional funding will support the efforts of governments in the development of a common approach to foreign credential assessment and ensure that immigrants are better integrated into the Canadian labour force."

So I'm really looking forward to see that framework!


Unknown said...

Anybody has more information about this program? I've just visited this website:, but it's not clear what else we are supposed to do, or even where to go, or much interesting if there is a way for an institution/agency to cover the certification fees.

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