Monday, July 21, 2008

Transportation - Walking and Road Rules

Pedestrian signals appear at all street corners with stoplights. The signals tell you when it is safe to cross the street. You can also cross the street at crosswalks with yellow lights overhead.

In Canada, pedestrian is the king of the road. However, pedestrian has to follow the rules and be responsible for his/her own safety.

I heard lately in the news that few pedestrians were killed while they were crossing a road in Toronto. So be careful and don’t rely only on the sign … you have to open your eyes widely before you cross.

Moreover, pedestrians use sidewalks to travel safely along busy city streets. During the summer months sidewalks are congested with pedestrians, cafes and vendors. When cyclists, in-line skaters and scooters are also involved, conflicts arise that could be prevented.

There are some safety rules in Ontario cities; for example in Toronto … the city by-law allows cyclists with a tire size of 61cm or 24 inches or less to ride on the sidewalk. The intent of this bylaw is to allow young children to cycle on the sidewalk while they learn to ride. The bylaw is based on wheel size because it is difficult for Police to enforce age-based bylaws, as most children do not carry identification. This is a municipal bylaw and rules vary in communities across Ontario.


Anonymous said...

Nabil, I was glancing through your blog about settling in to Canada. It's pretty good!

I am Canadian now living in the States. I wanted to point out something about what you say about pedestrians and that they are "king". It's true, pedestrians, by law have the right of way but people should be aware that the majority of drivers IGNORE THIS!!! Especially in Vancouver, BC.

Even when the traffic light is in the pedestrian's favor there are always drivers who will sail right through their red light, oblivious to the person in the road.

I know you said to look both ways anyway and I'm just saying to really exercise caution when crossing a street. You can't be too careful!

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