Monday, March 30, 2009

Ways to Keep a Job During a Recession

By Bridget Quigg

In the turbulent, toss-about world of work in America, all kinds of people are worried about getting fired. Who among us hasn't seen a helpful, smart, hard-working person get laid off? Being let go is not for last place performers anymore. Everyone is at risk.

Can you avoid the pink slip? You can sure try. While no one may guarantee you a gig these days, here are five ways to keep your job during a recession and improve your job performance.

  1. Talk directly to your manager about how to improve job performance
  2. Learn other people's jobs
  3. Be profitable
  4. Toot your own horn - loudly!
  5. Rise up and take command

Are Some Layoffs Simply Inevitable?

All advice aside, don't be too hard on yourself. Many experts agree that you can only do so much to protect yourself from a layoff. Sometimes, even your best won't be enough.

Ron Mitchell reminds you to chin up and stand proud should that moment come, "One thing this current job environment has taught us is that no one is immune to layoffs. Companies have for the past few rounds of layoffs been cutting bone not fat. They are laying off people that have been doing a good job."

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