Friday, November 05, 2010

How to Get Your Resume Online

The paper Microsoft Word document that is your resume has become outdated and stale.  Job recruiters are now turning to the Internet to find employees, and web-based job sites require that your resume be available for online viewing.   Are you using all of the cutting edge technology available to you?  If not, let us help you jump start your employment odds with our guide to getting your resume on the Internet.

Secure a domain name

A domain name is what you type into your Internet browser to get to a particular website.  For example, our domain name is  Your first step will be to buy your own domain name with a domain registrar.   Your domain name should be easy to spell and professional.  In other words, unless you’re a professional comedian, now is not the time to get cutesy or playful.  Your domain name may be:

  • Your full name
  • Your business name
  • A description of what you do (e.g.,
  • Your family name (e.g.,

Find web hosting

Now that you have a domain name it’s time to find a web hosting company to host it.  If you’re only putting your resume online and don’t plan to develop an actual website, you can safely purchase the smallest web hosting plan available.   You’ll want your chosen web hosting company to be reliable, so make sure you always do the following:

Optimize your resume for the web

Since job recruiters will be searching for resumes online you’ll want to make your website easy to find.

  • Use the word resume in your resume.  Many recruiters search for potential employees using the word resume.
  • Use meta tags.
  • Use keywords.

Pick a platform

You can get your resume on the Internet in a number of ways.

  • Create an HTML resume.  Most web hosting companies offer free website builders that will help you create an HTML resume or you can use freeware like HTML Kit to do it on your own.
  • Use a template.  There are thousands of free resume templates available.
  • Install WordPress and use a free theme.

Adding the finishing touches

Once your resume is online and viewable by the rest of the world, spend a few moments proofreading to make sure you’ve put your best work out there.

  • Your email address should be easy to spot and use.
  • You should have no misspellings or punctuation errors.
  • Fonts should be easy to read and standard across all web browsers.
Happy job hunting!


Mr. G said...

This post just made me realize how fool I am! I've been paying for the domain with my full name for a year and last night I renewed it... while asking what could I do with it!

And you just gave me the answer! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I agree to a certain extend. In some industries or sector, such as IT, it can be a good idea to impress an employer. I personally wouldn't put my resume online, I value my privacy. And when I send my resume in PDF, most employers still ask for a Word version of it...!

Anonymous said...

There are many interesting here. Hope to see some more in future

Filipe said...

Another way to get your resume online is using LinkedIn. It's very complete and you can socialize to current and past coworkers. Get recomendations etc, and plus have a public an private version of your resume if you're concerned about privacy.

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