Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Education at York University for Immigrants

Hi guys ... I want to share with you this great opportunity for immigrants to Canada who are internationality educated (with bachelor degree or higher in IT and Business only).

York University has got government funding to provide immigrants with the required education to be able to work successfully in the Canadian workplace. So York introduced Make More program they also refer to it as Bridging Program:

York University's Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) works with small and large local businesses, not-for-profits, professional associations and accreditation bodies to help IEPs transition into a position that matches their education, credentials and experience. We attract candidates from over 30 countries and create an individual, customized action plan for each IEP that is tailored to their professional goals and career path.

My wife is taking this program right now, she is a Software Engineer, and she is pretty happy with the program quality.

They are now holding information sessions, here is a list of dates: http://www.yorku.ca/makemore/learnmore.html

Please share this with your friends so everyone can benefit from this.


kaya said...

Hi. Started reading your blog before I left UAE, and a year later I think I have finally found some of my lost marbles, and started blogging again.
Good info.
Well done

immigration lawyers said...

its great for for those who want to study there..

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